Saturday, 14 February 2015

How to Transfer Data from Iphone to Android ?[Guide]


What if I tell you now it is possible to transfer music from iPhone to android device ? I know you won’t believe but after lots of research finally I am able to send music files from my iPhone to android devices. Do you want to know how it can be done? Go through this article and start sending files to android devices from iPhone.
Let me start by giving a brief explanation on why Apple do not allow file transfer with other devices. Apple stands first when it comes to data security and Apple do not allow any third party apps and files to interact with its operating system and this is why Apple products are always safe from virus and other malwares. Well if we look at Android then they never had any restrictions on transferring of files. We can’t say it is bad feature of Android, as file transfer is the thing which we do every day and of-course we need it, but yes Android has threat to get affected from viruses. This was all about why apple do not allow file transfer but finally there are few ways to send and receive files on iOS devices! Yes that’s true and let me clear first of all that we are not dealing here with any jail breaking tweak. Like every iOS user, I also had a dream to transfer music from iPhone to Android and this what made me work hard about it. I did lots of research and tried so many ways to do it. I was knowing one way to transfer via iTunes on PC but I want to directly transfer from iPhone to Android.
After a lots of research I came across one app called “Xender”, which allows file transfer between two devices. If we talk about history of that app than previously it was called “Flash Transfer” and it is the most used file transfer app on android devices. This app was previously available on only Android but few months back it was also launched for iOS devices. This app lets you send and receive music, photos, videos and even contacts from iPhone to Android and vice-versa. Want to see how all this happens ? Follow below given steps.
Before proceeding to steps, let me first of all give an overview of whole process. We will be using Xender app on both iPhone and Android device and than I will show you how to transfer music from iPhone to android. You can follow below given procedure concurrently on your iPhone and android device. Not wasting more time of yours let us begin with the steps now.
1) First of all download and install Xender on your iPhone and Android device from below given links as it is mandatory to have this app installed on both devices to transfer files.
2) Now you need to pay attention and follow the steps, first of all open the Xender app on Android device and tap on “Connect Phone” in middle bottom of the screen. After that tap on “Create Group”, this will turn on personal hotspot on your android device and let other devices join the group.
3) Now keep you android device aside for a while and take the iPhone. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and there you will see wifi network similar to “ADYYQW5kcm9pZA”. Tap and connect your iPhone to that network. (See below given image for proper understanding)
4) Once you connect iPhone to that wifi network, Open Xender App on your iPhone and tap on “Connect Friends” in middle upper part of the screen. It would automatically connect your iPhone to that android device and you will be added to the group created on Android device.
5) Now as both iPhone and android device is connected, you can send files like photos, full albums, music files, videos and contacts from your iPhone to any android device. I will show you here how you can transfer music from iPhone to android, similarly you can also transfer other files. To transfer music file tap on the “Music” tab and there you will see all the music files present on your iPhone. Just tap on the song which is to be transferred and than tap on “send”. Selected Music file will be transferred to the android device in few seconds. (See below given image for proper understanding)
Now you will be able to see the transferred music file on the android device and in the same way you can also transfer and receive other files on your iPhone. I am using this method to transfer music file from iPhone to android, I hope you like it and it help you too. Tell me in comments how this tutorial goes for you and also share if you know any other methods to transfer files from iPhone to android devices.
Download Xender on iOS(17.2 MB) [apple istore link]

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